0.0 English Practice Network

¡0.0 English Practice Network! Inglés con 0 excusas + flow. En esta membresía tienes la oportunidad de desbloquear tu mente para hablar en inglés con fluidez y confianza en situaciones reales en el trabajo desde ya.

0,0 English Practice Network! English with 0 excuses + flow. In this membership you have the opportunity to unblock your mind and speak in English fluently and confidently in real situations at work from now on.

This Friday 23rd July we have the Member Conversation Session led by Álvaro on humility - using basketball as an example.

Next Monday 26th July at 18:00 we have a Spontaneous Conversation Session.

Next Thursday 29th at 19:00 we have a Member Conversation Session, led by Ainhoa.

Next Friday 30th July we have the Coaching Session: Feedback Part II.

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Challenges, Support & Recommendations
E000_1 Listening
E000_2 What are you going to create?
E000_3 Confidence
E000_4 State of Mind
E000_5 Life is Inside-Out
E000_8 The Power of Thought
E000_9 What Causes Overthinking
E000_10 The Power of You
E000_11 Bye Fear of Judgement
E000_12 Only Now Exists
E000_15 The Importance of Feeling
E000_16 Get Out Into Those Situations!
E000_17 What About the Conference Calls?!
E000_18 Intuition
E000_19 Next Step - Make a Mistake! Live!
E000_Bonus Effective Communication and Wellbeing Webinar
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